OPENING HOURS: MONDAY – Friday : 10.00 AM TO 8.00 PM


PRACHINA Bikaner Cultural Center and Museum

Prachina Museum, Junagrah Fort, Bikaner

Cultural Center and Museum was established by Siddhi Kumari daughter of Late Maharaja Narendra Singhji of Bikaner in 2000, at the beginning of the new millennium with a vision to preserve Bikaner’s rich cultural diversity and to showcase monolithic identity of Bikaner in form of a Museum. Siddhi Kumari’s endavour is in line with the Bikaner Royal Family’s rich and glorious tradition of establishing institutions for public benifits.

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PRACHINA, displays royal custumes and textiles, family portraits of the former rulers, their changing cultural milieus from generation to generation, their response to Western influences, their ritualism and religious accessories, and the legacy of their patronage which survives in Bikaner’s contemporary arts and crafts till date.

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